Tiffany & Co. Cake Teal Blue with Bow

Tiffany & Co. Box Cake with Bow

On Saturday we made an almond flavored White Cake with a Chocolate Ganache Filling!  The Cake smelled so good while we put it together it was really hard to let it go!  This was our first time making Chocolate Ganache and for those who have never had chocolate ganache, well, let’s just say it is a step away from pure heaven!  It is smooth and creamy and super chocolatey….YUM!!  Paired with a white cake and Tiffany Blue Buttercream Icing…we have a winner!!  

The Bow on top of the Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower Cake was made from our favorite, Marshmallow Fondant, and was the perfect touch for this special Gift box Cake filled with Chocolate Ganache

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