Godzilla Cake Mecha Godzilla

Godzilla Cake

We don’t usually do plain buttercream cakes but this Godzilla Birthday Cake was for a friend of my son’s from Karate class.  I thought the idea of Godzilla for a 6 year old was so unique!!  I didn’t even know Godzilla was still around.  I loved making each building and smashing the cars into it.  This Godzilla Birthday Cake was the Ultimate Boys’s Birthday Cake.  When I delivered it I asked the Birthday Boy if this cake was messy enough for him.  With a huge smile on his face he said “YEEESSS” Shaking his head up and down.  Priceless!! 

The Mechagodzilla action figure was provided by his mother as were the cars.  The Mechagodzilla action figure was a toy he had been wanting for awhile so he was extra excited when he realized that there was a Mechagodzilla on the Birthday Cake.  It was so fun making this  Birthday Cake and then being able to see his reaction was so Priceless!  It really made me love doing do this all the more.

Godzilla Birthday Cake

Another shot of the Godzilla Birthday Cake!