White Cake dyed Blue or Pink for a Gender Revealing Party!

This may look like an ordinary Cake but it is what’s inside that truly matters!  This is no ordinary Cake, the Traditional White Cake is dyed either Blue or Pink??  Which one is it you ask…..take a guess and we will reveal the answer shortly!  What is a Gender Revealing Party?  What is a Gender Revealing Cake?? 

A Gender Revealing Party is when a group of close family and friends come together to find out the sex of the expecting couples baby.  There are many ways to do this.   At Bear Heart Baking Company we were recently approached with the idea of making a cake to reveal the gender for couple who was expecting there first baby!  How did we do this??  We dyed the inside of their Cake Blue or Pink depending on the sex of the baby!  When all of there family and friends are standing around the couple cuts into the cake to reveal the Gender of the baby.  Best part is dessert is on the table as well!

We will be posting what the sex of the baby was but first would love to hear some guesses at what you think the sex of the baby might be??