Vintage Circus

Vintage Circus Birthday Cake

Vintage Circus themed Birthday Cake for a first birthday party. There is a small Baby’s Cake for the one year old to dig into and will also be used as the centerpiece for the Vintage Circus Birthday Party.  The guests will each get one of the 4 dozen red velvet Cupcakes made to coordinate with the Vintage Circus theme!  I will be posting pictures from the actual Birthday Party once the mother sends them to me, and I can’t wait to see how cute they looked decorated with her hand made vintage cupcake holders and little cupcake picks with a Vintage Circus Image at the top. 

Vintage Circus Cake

Vintage Circus Cake with Cupcakes

The Pictures below show the Elephant up close and the Invitaion that was sent to me to pull ideas from for the actual design of the cake.  Charity is a previous customer who is great to work with!  She gives me a round about idea of what she is looking for.  In this case a smaller cake for her son and to be used as the centerpiece, 4 dozen red velvet cupcakes with an off white colored icing to give it that extra Vintage appeal, and the invites she sent out!  The rest was left for me to create.  The Elephant on top of the cake is my favorite!   He looks sooo cute and was really fun to make.  Another cake reminding me of why I love what I do!!  You can see Charity’s previous comment about her experience with Bear Heart Baking Company here.  It is the 8th Comment, the one with the pink and green polka dots!

Vintage Circus Birthday Cake

Vintage Circus Birthday Cake with Elephant!

Vintage Circus coordinating Cupcakes

Cupcakes to Coordinate with the Vintage Circus theme Birthday Party!

 Just thought I would share a Vintage Circus clip, LOL!! Dumbo sure is a classic image of a Vintage Circus.  While it isn’t 100% Vintage this next Disney show featuring Dumbo sure is an older clip!  How many of you even forgot about this show?  I know I sure did until now!  I hope you enjoy!