Cookie Monster and Elmo Birthday Cake!

Elmo and Cookie Monster Cake!

This Elmo and Cookie Monster inspired Birthday Cake was a combination of the two characters!  The big Cookie Tier being the best part of course.  The Elmo and Cookie Monster Characters were hand molded out of marshmallow fondant and the  placed on the top of the cookie tier.  The blocks have a 2 and a “B” for Bryce.  It was a 2nd birthday party and the decorations complimented the cake so well!  I heard the peanut butter icing was a huge hit!  A square bottom tier and round top tier was also something new for us.  I think it turned out great!  Perfect Elmo and Cookie Monster Cake for a 2 Year old’s Birthday Party! 

If you take notice poor Elmo is clinging to his Cookie.  Cookie Monster is gobbling two cookies!  Something he does best!