Sweet 16 Birthday Cake with Butterflies Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Green

Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

 This sweet 16 cake was made to coordinate with another Birthday Cake for two girls turning 16 together.  The first cake is a purple cake and the second cake is a blue cake.  the cakes have the same color scheme only we switched it up a bit so they weren’t exactly the same.  The picture below shows the variations in the cake really well.   We used pink and purple butterflies on the blue cake, and blue with dark blue butterflies on the purple cake.  The tiers are each a different height with one bottom tier smaller and the other top tier bigger than the other one.  The colors are slightly different as well.   We had a lot of fun doing these cakes and heard that everyone enjoyed them just as much! 

Coordinating Birthday Cakes!