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Buy Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies Online

Double Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie with Peanut Butter Filling

At Bear Heart Baking Company we make the best Sandwich Cookies!  Whether you are looking for Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies to Buy Online, or Double Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies to Buy Online you won’t be disappointed.  We use the finest ingredients and the yummiest fillings made from scratch.  Contact Us through E-mail today to place your order.  We Specialize in Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies filled with a Yummy Vanilla Creme Filling.  Another Favorite is our Double Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies filled with our Amazing Peanut Butter Filling!  Order Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies Online today and have them shipped right to your door!  Or send them to a friend for the Perfect Thank You, or Get Well Soon Gift.  Maybe you just want to say Thinking Of You?  By Sending Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies, Shipped right to their Door, you are sure to get a Thank You Phone Call.

Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies with Vanilla Creme Filling
Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies with Vanilla Creme Filling
Contact Us Today to place an order of all your favorite Cookies, Brownies, and Treats! 
We are Only taking Orders by e-mail, to Contact Bear Heart send your e-mails to amy @
Bear heart shipping Box

Bear Heart Custom Treat Box Packed for Shipping

Custom Star Decorated Sugar Cookies Shipped to Great Barrington, MA

300 Custom Star Decorated Sugar Cookies for Apogee Catering

We made these sugar cookies awhile ago.  They were for a catering company in Massachusetts.  They need the star cookies to be decorated for a huge event where they would be given away to all the guests.  I did hear back about them and they were the biggest hit at the party apparently.  Everyone was asking about the cookies!  They wanted to know if they were shortbread?, what flavoring was that?, how could they get some more?, etc…..  Needless to say we couldn’t have been more satisfied!  Not only did 300 custom cookies take a while to bake, the decorating was a task all in itself, I had five people, and at one point, six, people helping out well into the night 🙂  Can’t wait to do it again!

300 Sugar Cookie Order

300 Sugar Cookie Order, No this isn't all of them 🙂

The 300 star cookies were not the only order for the weekend.  We also had 180 dog bone cookies for Wedding Favors for that Saturday.  The Dog Bones were a nice favor from the wedding couple to all of their guests who were making donations to the local York County S.P.C.A. instead of giving the couple gifts.  talk about a great cause!  The Dog Bones were decorated in Orange and Coral to match the Wedding Colors.  Sooo Cute!

Peek at the Sugar Cookies drying on racks in our display case

Peek at the Sugar Cookies Drying on Racks in our Display Case

We did receive another order the next week from the MA Catering Company for 150 Decorate Brownies.  The brownies were for a Golf Outing and would be placed ont he tables.  This took a minute for me to figure out just what they would look like.  I had no clue for a good 15 minutes, LOL!!  It didn’t take me long to figure it out.  I would make the brownies into circles and then lay marshmallow Fondant on top to look like the actual golf ball.  Next I placed Green Royal icing at the bottom to look like Grass.  I think they turned out well, if I only could have gotten a better picture.

Golf ball brownie order for a catering company in MA.

Where do you put 150 Decorated Brownies.  Thank Goodness for Stackable Cooling Racks, if you don’t own any I suggest you invest 🙂

Golf Ball Brownies Drying on Cooling Racks

Brownie desserts with Hazelnut topping and bittersweet chocolate

Chocolate Hazelnut topped Brownies with Bittersweet Chocolate

We introduced Brownies today at the Bakery.  We had so many requests for the brownies and we were so happy to finally get them into the case today!  We topped some with a Chocolate Hazelnut and Bittersweet Chocolate!  We also featured some of our Original Brownies with a Whipped Chocolate Ganache and Bittersweet Chocolate!  Pretty Close to a Death By Chocolate. 

On top of the excitment from putting out the Brownies today I received an intersting call from someone who works at Food Network.  It isn’t everyday someone from a network, let alone Food Network, calls you to ask if you are going to apply to there new show, Cupcake Wars!!!  You can imagine my excitement  🙂  Thousands of applications are submitted daily and I received a personal phone call!?!?  SO Many Questions but so little time.  I only have three days to make the video and submit the application to Cameron.  Oh yes, Cameron is the nice Gentleman that found me on the internet and called me from Food Network (He works there) LOL!  At this point I feel like screaming because this is an amazing opportunity for my sister and I and the Bakery! 

For now I am crossing my fingers in hopes that I can meet there deadline and the deadline of my 6 Custom Cake orders that need to all be filled.  Some Thursday, a couple Friday, and then a delivery and pickup on Saturday, all while stocking the cases for our storefront traffic!  How do I work under pressure………I have to laugh……or else I couldn’t do it  🙂

Cup Cake Wars

Cupcake Wars

Stay tuned for what will hopefully be more and exciting news!!!!!!

Our Bakery just finished decorating 4 Daisy and 4 Tulip Sugar Cookies for the Hope for Cope Basket Bingo this Saturday!

Decorated Basket Sugar Cookies Hope for Cope

Donation Basket of Sugar Cookies for "Hope for Cope" Basket Bingo Fundraiser

We were approached by a good friend Valerie about some kind of donation for a Basket Bingo benefiting  Jazmine Rae Cope and her fight to beat AML Leukemia…Hope for Cope.  The Longaberger Basket was donated for us to use and fill with Edible Flowers (sugar cookies to be exact)  The tulips and Daisies went perfectly with the colors on the Longaberger Daffodil Basket liner.  Yellow and Green were the perfect combination!  We wrapped each cookie individually and stuck them into the basket.  They are all set for the Basket Bingo on Saturday May 29th 2010!

We are so happy to be a small part of supporting Jazmine!  Hope for Cope

Help Jazmine by having hope. Jazmine Rae Cope is a 13 year old 8th grader at Spring Grove Middle School that was diagnosed on February 20, 2010 with AML Leukemia and Myelofibrosis. She will be undergoing aggressive chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant in the next few months. We hope that you will help support Jazmine too!  Hope For Cope!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes!

Heart Cupcakes for Valentine's Day!

These Heart Cupcakes were made with Red Velvet Cake and Cream Cheese Icing!  They were topped with red Marshmallow Fondant Hearts making the entire cupcake edible!  Valentine’s Day Cupcakes never looked so good!

Valentine's Day Cake with Hearts and a Bow

Valentine's Day Present Cake!

This Valentine’s Day Present Cake for a couple’s Valentine’s Day Celebration.  The Cake itself is our white cake with Black Raspberry Filling and Buttercream Icing with a Marshmallow Fondant covering.  The Bow and Pink hearts were also made using Marshmallow Fondant.  The cake was made to the specifications of the customer.  Making this cake one of a kind and unique!

Valentine's Day Box of Chocolates Cake

Box of Chocolate's Cake for Valentine's Day!

This cake was made to look like a box of Chocolate’s for Valentine’s Day!  How romantic, a box of chocolate’s that is actually entirely edible!  And the best part of all is that the cake and icing are all chocolate!!  Covered with Red Marshmallow Fondant giving the appearance of a box lid on the top.  “Be Mine” written on the top of the Box of Chocolate’s Cake.

Personalized Valentine's Day Cookies!

Valentine's Day Cookies!

These Valentine’s Day Cookies were the perfect Gift for kids.  We auctioned them off on Ebay and the winner had them personalized for her children for Valentine’s Day!  How Cute!!  The cookies are Sugar Cookies decorated with Royal icing…Yum!!  A fun Modern twist for Valentine’s Day with the Black, White, and Pink Color Scheme!

Had a big delivery on Wednesday night.  I had to deliver 4 mini loaves of Zucchini bread, 1 dozen chocolate Chip Cookies, and 8 Fudgy Brownies with Red and Green Chocolate drizzle, to East York.  I wish I could say this was a quick and easy order but it took alot of time to individually wrap and seal each cookie, brownie, and quick bread.  I am thinking I will have to work on the packaging process in the future to make it more efficient.  I never even made it to drop off the package until a little after 7.  It was to a home in East York out by the York Galleria Mall.  Being in Dover it took some time to get out there with all of the Christmas traffic.
Well another hectic day in the life of a Baker  🙂  Really though it isn’t that bad.  I bake cookies, brownies, breads, and cakes for living.  I can think of a few more painful things in life.  Can you?  LOL!!
All of our treats can be ordered online.
If you need something to be delivered or have a special request you can contact me directly to discuss your needs.  You can contact me by visiting us on the web at
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