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Wedding Cakes in York, PA made fresh at Bear Heart Baking Company!  We use the finest ingredients and everything is baked fresh and never frozen!  Our new Store Front opening in July 2010 in York, PA  will feature a few Wedding Cakes in our display window.  We will also have cakes already made for you stop by and purchase.  Wedding Cupcakes are becoming a huge trend as well.  We will be offering single cupcakes which can be bought and enjoyed with a cup of coffee in our cafe style style bakery.  Or you can get two cupcakes to go packaged in our Pink Cake Box!  We offer Custom Wedding Cakes, Custom Wedding Cupcakes, and Custom Birthday Cakes as well.  If you are looking for a Custom Cake for any occasion we can help.  We look forward to hearing from you about any of the following.

We do offer delivery to the following zip codes (within 15 miles of zip code 17404 is free delivery, other areas charges may apply)

  • 17001
  • 17003 
  • 17011 
  • 17012
  • 17013
  • 17015
  • 17019
  • 17022
  • 17025
  • 17033
  • 17034
  • 17036
  • 17042
  • 17043
  • 17050
  • 17053
  • 17055
  • 17057
  • 17064
  • 17065
  • 17070
  • 17070
  • 17078
  • 17089
  • 17101
  • 17102
  • 17103
  • 17104
  • 17109
  • 17110
  • 17111
  • 17112
  • 17113
  • 17201
  • 17202
  • 17301
  • 17311
  • 17312
  • 17313
  • 17314
  • 17315
  • 17316
  • 17317
  • 17318
  • 17319
  • 17322
  • 17327
  • 17329
  • 17331
  • 17334
  • 17339
  • 17339
  • 17342
  • 17345
  • 17346
  • 17347
  • 17349
  • 17352
  • 17354
  • 17356
  • 17360
  • 17361
  • 17362
  • 17363
  • 17364
  • 17366
  • 17368
  • 17370
  • 17370
  • 17371
  • 17372
  • 17372
  • 17401
  • 17402
  • 17403
  • 17404
  • 17405
  • 17406
  • 17407
  • 17408
  • 17501
  • 17502
  • 17505
  • 17512
  • 17520
  • 17522
  • 17538
  • 17540
  • 17547
  • 17552
  • 17557
  • 17562
  • 17572
  • 17578
  • 17579
  • 17582
  • 17584
  • 17602
  • 17603
  • 17815
  • 17839

All other zip codes please inquire about price.  For delivery out of state please inquire as well.

White Wedding Cake with Blue Flower Accents and Draping Fondant!

White Wedding Cake with Blue Flower Accents and Draping Fondant!

I am so impressed that I actually have the time to post this Wedding Cake today!  Why?  Well we usually never get to post anything the day it is made and usually it takes us a week or two to get it on our Baking Blog!  Impressive I know  🙂  This Wedding Cake is for a Wedding tomorrow afternoon.  The request was that we make a small Wedding Cake to feed around 30 people.  The colors were to be mostly white with Dark Blue accents.  Everything else left up to me!   Why do I love these cakes?  The design is completely free from my head, with a little help from my sister 😉  I get to thinking and usually I am on point with our cakes.  Not so much with this one however.  It turned out to look nothing like what I was envisioning.  My sister and I pushed ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and try something different with this Wedding Cake

Originally we were going to do an elegant white fondant covered Wedding Cake, which we did, with a subtle dark blue piping of some kind and vine detailing.  Boy were we way off.  We ended up trying out a Fondant Draping technique to push us over to a new level, and somehow it worked!?!?  I know, I know, once again we have proved ourselves capable of tackling another unknown challenge.  Don’t think this Wedding Cake technique came easy.  This paticular Wedding Cake ended up taking us alot longer than we planned.   We had our ideas of how it should be done.  I am sure you all know how that story goes, so to make it short, we figured out a trick to help it go alot smoother.  We still weren’t out of the clear.  No, we had to figure out how to make the Cake pop with some kind of dark blue detailing.  This is where the Daisies come in.  Afterall it is Spring and they are a great spring flower!  So we added the daisies 2 large and about 33 small flowers.  The little Silver Dragees were added to finish the accenting on the cake.  A little white swirling and the finished product turned out to be very Elegant! 

Wedding Cakes made locally in York, PA

Wedding Cakes made locally in York, PA

To view more Wedding Cakes by Bear Heart Baking Company visit our Wedding Cakes Page!

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