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iCarly Birthday Cake

Top view of the iCarly Cake

iCarly Cake
iCarly Cake

I made a smaller cake for my daughters friends birthday a couple weeks ago.  Nothing to fancy just a little fun.  Her present was an actual iCarly Figurine that we incorporated into the Birthday Cake.  The iCarly Colors are Purple, Blue, Pink, and a hint of yellow!  So we created just that!  We added little twists of color to the top of the cake.  Sprinkled little Marshmallow Fondant dots all over to give it the little hint of yellow.  Then accented the cake with a couple of cupcakes to sit around for added iCarly party decorations

The iCarly cake was Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing!  Every little girls favorite!  For more iCarly Birthday Party ideas check out this site

Here is a clip of the theme song from the show!

Vintage Circus

Vintage Circus Birthday Cake

Vintage Circus themed Birthday Cake for a first birthday party. There is a small Baby’s Cake for the one year old to dig into and will also be used as the centerpiece for the Vintage Circus Birthday Party.  The guests will each get one of the 4 dozen red velvet Cupcakes made to coordinate with the Vintage Circus theme!  I will be posting pictures from the actual Birthday Party once the mother sends them to me, and I can’t wait to see how cute they looked decorated with her hand made vintage cupcake holders and little cupcake picks with a Vintage Circus Image at the top. 

Vintage Circus Cake

Vintage Circus Cake with Cupcakes

The Pictures below show the Elephant up close and the Invitaion that was sent to me to pull ideas from for the actual design of the cake.  Charity is a previous customer who is great to work with!  She gives me a round about idea of what she is looking for.  In this case a smaller cake for her son and to be used as the centerpiece, 4 dozen red velvet cupcakes with an off white colored icing to give it that extra Vintage appeal, and the invites she sent out!  The rest was left for me to create.  The Elephant on top of the cake is my favorite!   He looks sooo cute and was really fun to make.  Another cake reminding me of why I love what I do!!  You can see Charity’s previous comment about her experience with Bear Heart Baking Company here.  It is the 8th Comment, the one with the pink and green polka dots!

Vintage Circus Birthday Cake

Vintage Circus Birthday Cake with Elephant!

Vintage Circus coordinating Cupcakes

Cupcakes to Coordinate with the Vintage Circus theme Birthday Party!

 Just thought I would share a Vintage Circus clip, LOL!! Dumbo sure is a classic image of a Vintage Circus.  While it isn’t 100% Vintage this next Disney show featuring Dumbo sure is an older clip!  How many of you even forgot about this show?  I know I sure did until now!  I hope you enjoy!


White Cake dyed Blue or Pink for a Gender Revealing Party!

This may look like an ordinary Cake but it is what’s inside that truly matters!  This is no ordinary Cake, the Traditional White Cake is dyed either Blue or Pink??  Which one is it you ask…..take a guess and we will reveal the answer shortly!  What is a Gender Revealing Party?  What is a Gender Revealing Cake?? 

A Gender Revealing Party is when a group of close family and friends come together to find out the sex of the expecting couples baby.  There are many ways to do this.   At Bear Heart Baking Company we were recently approached with the idea of making a cake to reveal the gender for couple who was expecting there first baby!  How did we do this??  We dyed the inside of their Cake Blue or Pink depending on the sex of the baby!  When all of there family and friends are standing around the couple cuts into the cake to reveal the Gender of the baby.  Best part is dessert is on the table as well!

We will be posting what the sex of the baby was but first would love to hear some guesses at what you think the sex of the baby might be??

Cupcake Cake for a 1st Birthday Party

3 tier Cupcake Cake

I think when you start a cake you never really know what to expect, sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes they are exactly what you envisioned.  This particular 3 tier Cupcake Cake was beyond my expectations!  When the Cupcake Cake Idea was first drawn out for Harlow’s Mother I thought it looked really cute.  Making the Cake after the first 2 tiers I still was satisfied and thought it was coming together nicely.  Then came the construction of the Cupcake.   The Cupcake was by far my favorite part of the whole entire cake!  The bright colors pulled all the tiers together and made the Cupcake Cake so fun!  Perfect for a little Girl’s 1st Birthday Party!  When I stacked all 3 tiers together I was amazed, the cupcake was bigger than I was thinking which was an added bonus.  The bright colors on each tier looked great and seemed to flow through the whole cake.  I can’t wait to make another one  🙂  The perfect Cake for a First Birthday Party!

3 tier cupcake cake

3 tier Cupcake Cake!

The Cupcake on the top of this cake was the baby’s cake.  I could just see a one year old, eye’s really wide, looking at this huge Cupcake sitting in front of her.  Where do you start?  Just dig in!!

For more First Birthday Party Ideas visit for birthday party planning ideas and tips.

Godzilla Cake Mecha Godzilla

Godzilla Cake

We don’t usually do plain buttercream cakes but this Godzilla Birthday Cake was for a friend of my son’s from Karate class.  I thought the idea of Godzilla for a 6 year old was so unique!!  I didn’t even know Godzilla was still around.  I loved making each building and smashing the cars into it.  This Godzilla Birthday Cake was the Ultimate Boys’s Birthday Cake.  When I delivered it I asked the Birthday Boy if this cake was messy enough for him.  With a huge smile on his face he said “YEEESSS” Shaking his head up and down.  Priceless!! 

The Mechagodzilla action figure was provided by his mother as were the cars.  The Mechagodzilla action figure was a toy he had been wanting for awhile so he was extra excited when he realized that there was a Mechagodzilla on the Birthday Cake.  It was so fun making this  Birthday Cake and then being able to see his reaction was so Priceless!  It really made me love doing do this all the more.

Godzilla Birthday Cake

Another shot of the Godzilla Birthday Cake!

Boston Terrier Birthday Cake York College Delivery

Boston Terrier Birthday Cake Delivery to York College in PA

We recently made a Birthday Cake for a student attending York College of Pennsylvania!  Her mother called our bakery and wanted to do something for her daughter who was away at York College.  Since she wasn’t close enough to bake a cake for her she trusted our bakery to make a custom birthday cake for her daughter.  She requested Hot Pink Fondant on the Birthday Cake.  Also that a Boston Terrier, since they owned a Boston Terrier, be put on the Birthday Cake.   She needed it delivered to York College of Pennsylvania on March 12 at 1:00 p.m.

We are so happy that Connie found us on the web and that we were able to share in her daughter’s Birthday Cake Surprise!  We were even more thrilled when we sent her an e-mail asking about her experience and she sent us this wonderful comment!

Bear Heart Baking delivered a beautiful, custom made birthday cake to my daughter at York College.  We wanted to include our family dog on the cake, and Amy called for a picture so she could mold it to look just like our pet.  The delivery was timely and the cake was unique and beautiful in addition to being delicious.  We will definitely call Bear Heart again.  Thanks, Amy”


West Virginia

To see more Feedback about Our Bakery you can Click Here!

To Contact Us about a Cake, Cookies, or Brownies being delivered to York County or surrounding areas Click Here!

Jungle 1st Birthday Cake

Jungle themed 1st Birthday Cake

We made a Jungle themed Birthday Cake for a 1st Birthday Party today.  The two tier birthday cake was chocolate and yellow cake with buttercream icing.  The cupcakes were a mixture of yellow and chocolate cake with Buttercream icing as well.  The grass detailing going around the cake was made with Buttercream icing using a special tip.  I think it looks very Jungle like with all the different lengths.  The animals hiding behind bushes is the look we were going for with each tier.  We wanted to create the feel of all the animals sort of peeking out of the bushes like a curious one year old would do! 

The zebra print on the cupcakes with the letters B E N was a last minute detail we thought of.  His mother pretty much left the whole design up to us and we hope we hit her vision dead on!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes!

Heart Cupcakes for Valentine's Day!

These Heart Cupcakes were made with Red Velvet Cake and Cream Cheese Icing!  They were topped with red Marshmallow Fondant Hearts making the entire cupcake edible!  Valentine’s Day Cupcakes never looked so good!

Valentine's Day Cake with Hearts and a Bow

Valentine's Day Present Cake!

This Valentine’s Day Present Cake for a couple’s Valentine’s Day Celebration.  The Cake itself is our white cake with Black Raspberry Filling and Buttercream Icing with a Marshmallow Fondant covering.  The Bow and Pink hearts were also made using Marshmallow Fondant.  The cake was made to the specifications of the customer.  Making this cake one of a kind and unique!

Valentine's Day Box of Chocolates Cake

Box of Chocolate's Cake for Valentine's Day!

This cake was made to look like a box of Chocolate’s for Valentine’s Day!  How romantic, a box of chocolate’s that is actually entirely edible!  And the best part of all is that the cake and icing are all chocolate!!  Covered with Red Marshmallow Fondant giving the appearance of a box lid on the top.  “Be Mine” written on the top of the Box of Chocolate’s Cake.

Personalized Valentine's Day Cookies!

Valentine's Day Cookies!

These Valentine’s Day Cookies were the perfect Gift for kids.  We auctioned them off on Ebay and the winner had them personalized for her children for Valentine’s Day!  How Cute!!  The cookies are Sugar Cookies decorated with Royal icing…Yum!!  A fun Modern twist for Valentine’s Day with the Black, White, and Pink Color Scheme!

Mod Monkey Birthday Cake

Mod Monkey Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

Bear Heart Baking Company made a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing for a first Birthday Party with a Mod Monkey theme in, February 2010, this year.  The cake was covered in Marshmallow Fondant and then decorated with Brown Marshmallow Fondant for the Mod Monkey’s face.  The Yellow and Blue Polka Dots were made using Marshmallow Fondant as well.  The Cupcakes were White Cake with Black Raspberry Filling and Yellow and Blue Buttercream topping.  The alternating colors of polka dots accented the tops giving these cupcakes a modern feel.  We love how both the Mod Monkey Cake and Cupcakes turned out! 

"Mod Monkey" 1st Birthday Cake

"Mod Monkey" 1st birthday Cake and Cupcakes!

We received great feedback on this cake and don’t like to brag….but….our Red Velvet cake is super moist and delicious!!  Check out the Comment Kristy left about her Mod Monkey Cake here at the post Bear Heart Baking Company Feedback

To check out Mod Monkey Birthday Party Supplies visit the Mod Monkey Party Supply store at

Check us out on the web at

Welcome to the Nest Baby Shower Cake

Welcome to the Nest Baby Shower Cake

This Welcome to the Nest Baby Shower Cake was so much fun to make!  The nest with the Robin Eggs which are (Mini Easter Whoppers) was made out of modeling chocolate, a first for us at Bear Heart Baking Company!  The tree branch was also made out of modeling chocolate as well.  The flowers were marshmallow fondant painted pink at the tips for the baby girl!  The cake itself was an almond flavored white cake with a black raspberry filling and cream cheese icing with a hint of almond flavoring.  We wrote “Welcome to the Nest” on the cake in pink of course!

Welcome to teh nest cupcakes toasted coconut

Birds nest Toasted Coconut Carrot Cake Cupcakes!

The cupcakes…..Oh the Cupcakes!!  The Cupcakes were our amazingly moist carrot cake with chunks of glazed pecans and plump moist raisins mixed throughout.  We added a cream cheese icing that is to die for and sprinkled toasted coconut over the tops of the cake!  In house toasted coconut which was another first for Bear Heart Baking Company.  The little birds were made using our marshmallow fondant, pink because It’s a Girl, and then little yellow icing beaks were added and little eyes dotted on with black edible marker.  To see the comment Deb left about this cake click here

"Welcome to the Nest"

Welcome to the Nest! Cake and Cupcakes!

To view other pictures of cakes we have made click here.

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